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2021 Surface Transportation Authorization


Congressman Conor Lamb has submitted funding requests for transportation related projects in Pennsylvania's 17th District to the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure (T&I) to be considered in the 2021 Surface Transportation Authorization. The T&I Committee plans to advance surface transportation authorization legislation later this spring.

Committee guidance states Member Designated Projects are intended to be "projects that will help advance the goals of the surface transportation authorization legislation, which include building a safer transportation network, increasing access, strengthening our multi-modal transportation systems, reducing carbon pollution, enhancing environmental justice, supporting underserved communities, and improving state of good repair of our Nation's infrastructure." State Departments of Transportation (DOT), Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPO), transit agencies, or local government projects were eligible to submit these requests.

The T&I Committee process for considering member projects is separate from the House Committee on Appropriations' process for considering Community Project Funding requests. Projects funded through the surface transportation authorization will be funded directly from the Highway Trust Fund, and they do not require a separate or subsequent appropriation.


All requests submitted by Congressman Lamb to the T&I Committee are posted below. Members will be required to certify that neither they nor their immediate family have a financial interest in the requests made.

Pennsylvania's 17th District Project Submissions

Listed below are the projects Congressman Lamb has submitted to the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. Note: The projects are listed in alphabetical order by project sponsor.

Project Name: Little Pine Creek Connector

Requesting Organization: Borough of Etna

Requested Amount: $624,143.54

This transportation route along the Etna Riverfront Trail and Park, connects Etna Borough and Shaler Township, as well as the surrounding communities, to a larger developing regional trail network along the Three Rivers Heritage Trail, providing residents with access to employment opportunities and healthy recreational amenities. This trail project will create and retain about 100 jobs throughout the two communities by providing access to the Riverfront Trail and Park Project construction which features several new businesses in a designated business district, including two restaurants and a high-tech flex center.


Project Name: Market Place District Improvements

Requesting Organization: Moon Transportation Authority

Requested Amount: $3,100,800

The Market Place District Improvements request will fund the construction phase of a deteriorated one-mile roadway segment to upgrade safety and enhance economic development for Moon Townships residents, resulting in less traffic accidents, more jobs, higher tax base and improved sustainability. The build-out Market Place consists of the installation of turn lanes and additional lanes, upgrading intersections to reduce congestion and improving air quality, and adding sidewalks and bike lanes to improve multimodal access and connections to the Montour Trail. The project will create 912 direct construction jobs and another 476 indirect and induced jobs. Employers locating to Market Place will create another 1,296 permanent jobs.


Project Name: Aliquippa East End Gateway Phase 1

Requesting Organization: PennDOT

Requested Amount: $1,000,000

The Aliquippa East End Gateway Phase 1 request will support roadway improvements at the east end of Franklin Avenue and the SR 51 entrance and exit, making essential improvements to the main entrance into the City of Aliquippa in Beaver County. The project will provide better and safer access to the Aliquippa Industrial Park and surrounding community from SR 51, creating improved, safer access and ultimately enhancing economic development for Aliquippa. According to 2020 data, 3,800 people are employed within one mile of this project and 19,117 people are employed within three miles of the project, with annual sales totaling more than $1.2 billion from the economic activity generated within this three-mile area.


Project Name: Kittanning Pike Flood Control

Requesting Organization: PennDOT

Requested Amount: $2,200,000

This project will alleviate flooding issues occurring at Kittanning Pike and Kirkwood Drive in O'Hara Township. Flooding at this intersection is causing significant safety and economic impacts to the surrounding communities, and this project will mitigate flooding issues affecting many roadways, homes, and businesses within the area. According to 2020 data there are 5,604 people employed within a mile of this project and 66,161 people employed within three miles from the project, with annual sales totaling more than $15 billion from the economic activity generated within this three-mile area.


Project Name: McKees Rocks Bridge Phase 2

Requesting Organization: PennDOT

Requested Amount: $5,000,000

The funding for this project will be used for bridge preservation, sidewalk repair, structural steel retrofits, strip seal rehab, and minor deck spall repair on the McKees Rocks Bridge in the City of Pittsburgh, Stowe Township and the McKees Rocks Borough of Allegheny County, creating and retaining between 30-50 jobs.


Project Name: Carnegie PNR Expansion Project

Requesting Organization: Port Authority of Allegheny County

Requested Amount: $10,000,000

This project is for construction of a new parking garage to expand the park and ride at Carnegie Station, providing an additional 200 parking spaces for this high-demand location. It will allow Port Authority to partner with a developer to do transit-oriented development on a portion of the site in addition to building the parking garage, allowing for the opportunity to reconfigure the site to better connect both the parking garage and Carnegie Station to Downtown Carnegie. The project will create approximately 200 full time equivalent positions.